Image Recognition

Take the details out of the frame

With the help of deep learning and convolutional neural networks that chain together multiple machine learning algorithms – to work much like the human brain does – image recognition, face detection, and image and video analysis have come a long way in recent years.

Our team is familiar with all the most recent technologies to provide various solutions in the fields of images and video analysis including Object Classification, Face Detection and Recognition. Libonea also specializes in solutions for Image Classification: time, scenery, people, places and more.

How we do it

The systems that our professional team develops know how to perform this task without any problem.

We develop advanced systems that are based on databases and continue to learn all the time. We tailor our systems exactly to the customer’s needs so that the capabilities of each system are unique and focused.

Whether it’s facial recognition in a time line (a person’s face in a time span of 30 years or more for example) or whether it’s identifying objects in space, landscape or videos, our team knows how to develop it just for you.

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