Speech Recognition

In a manner of speaking

Speech recognition technology uses natural language processing to transform spoken language into a machine-readable format.

Speech recognition systems are an essential part of virtual assistants which can be found today in almost every home. However, there are more and more use cases of speech recognition in business. For example, adding speech-to-text capabilities to business software, companies are able to automatically transcribe calls, send emails, and even translate from one language into another.

In Libonea we combine the use of voice signals with the understanding of what was said in the voice signals, and then we apply NLP techniques to enhance our ability to process voice. Our Data Scientists and Engineers are experts on: Transcription in multiple languages, Speaker Separation (Diarization) in multi attendance and single channel, Speaker Identification in noisy and extremely short recordings and more.

Our work process

Our teams analyze the data provided by the customer and come up with a tailor-made solution. SR projects go all the way from separating speakers in a recorded call to identifying unique speakers and much more.

The project launches with a POC that includes a limited scope and from there, our teams start working on finding and conducting the perfect solution for the project’s exact requirements.

In more advanced cases, we use our tagging team in order to create more samples according to the customer’s rules and regulations so we can make enough Xs and Ys to generate a model.

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